Trouble sticking to a good routine?

Are you finding that you stick to a good gym routine for a couple of weeks and then fall off the wagon for a couple of weeks and keep going in this cycle without making progress?
If you are then don’t worry, you aren’t alone! This happens a lot and most people don’t know what to do to keep themselves motivated to keep going. The lack of consistency might be the only reason that you aren’t seeing long term results and if that’s the case you definitely want to be able to change that 🙂

Here are a few things that you can do or tweak to stop this from happening in the future!

So first thing to think about is ‘are you enjoying your time in the gym and the actual workouts?’ Now you may think straight away ‘yeah of course I am’. But have a think, do you like the actual workout or the feeling of satisfaction from completing the workout? If it’s the latter then all you might need to do to keep consistent is make the actual workouts fun!! Mixing it up and not sticking to the same tedious routine everyday could go a long way! No one likes boring and if it’s early into your regime you may be repeating yourself for very little progress(at this stage) and it might just not seem worth it. You could feel deflated and disappointed but this can be changed!

Do you train by yourself? Working out by yourself can have its benefits and it’s drawbacks, as can having a partner but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! 🙂 When you are by yourself you may feel nervous and unsure about what your next exercise is, are you doing it right, is anyone looking and all this can make you very conscious of the people around you. Having that friend there to distract you or even go through that similar feeling with you could be just what you need to give you that little nudge to move out of your comfort zone. You are in this together and are able to motivate each other. Also knowing someone else is relying on you to get your bum to the gym so you can both workout together is also a good motivator. Sometimes the hardest part can be getting there!

Now, ask yourself have you given yourself too much too soon? Unrealistic goals and expectations can make you feel overwhelmed and under pressure to achieve them and quick! You need to remember this process takes time and small consistent progress over a longer period is definitely better than short bursts that don’t last long and leave you constantly starting back at square 1! Too much too soon can also apply to your food habits. If you’re expecting yourself to go from an unhealthy lifestyle to eating clean 100% of the time overnight, then eventually you will revert back as it is just too big of a jump for most. Keep your goals realistic, manageable and don’t be too hard on yourself!

So finally…I would say if you can’t get past that 2 week mark a personal trainer can definitely help with that! You will be pushed further, you will have that partner there with you and a workout buddy if you wanted and each session will be different and fun, keeping you interested and motivated! It’s an investment in yourself at the end of the day and that is always a great thing!

The 2 week mark may not actually be 2 weeks but it could just be a short period of being able to stick to a good gym routine and then losing motivation and stopping. If you do find yourself going through stages of stop start then I’d definitely try one or more of these tips!