Starting off😀

Soooooo thought I’d start this blog to try and help anyone who’s interested in health and fitness. General tips and things you can do to improve the quality of your life! You can also follow my own fitness journey as a personal trainer.

As PT’s we’re expected to have everything perfect from the amount of times a week we train to the food we eat! To be honest it’s not always like that. Yes I do put a lot of effort into my training and I am careful with what I eat but I am still human! I do, like the rest of you need those naughty treats or I skip a session just so I can do nothing.

You will see that we all have slip ups but the main thing is getting back to it. Don’t let a bad day, week or month turn into a bad few months!

Keep up to date for tips and info on how to keep on track, what to do when you do slip up, workout routines, food ideas and just to see that we as personal trainers are human aswell! 🙂