Injured? Isn’t it a pain!!

A lot of people feel that when they are injured and can’t train or get to the gym that all their progress will be lost. Well this doesn’t have to be the case. There are many things you can do to keep yourself feeling good and in shape.
So if you are feeling a bit down and rubbish about the fact that you are injured you may turn to food for comfort(believe me I’ve been there!). I’m not saying don’t do this as sometimes you need it but don’t let a bad meal or day of eating turn into a week and definitely don’t let it become the norm for the period you are injured. In this situation eating the right foods will be so important to keeping you on track. You will have to adjust your daily intake as you aren’t training anymore which means you wont be expending as much energy/calories, which means you wont have to take as much in. This doesn’t mean starve yourself!


Providing you haven’t got an injury that prevents you from physically walking then this is great way to help maintain your fitness levels, keep your heart healthy and keep you sane! When injured it may feel like you’re limited to a lot of indoor activities so getting out in the fresh air can help you work through your thoughts and the mental struggles when it comes to a physical injury. An alternative to walking is SWIMMING. Great for injury rehab and for your fitness levels.


Your initial instinct when injured may be to just push through and mask the pain with painkillers and just carry on with your normal training routine, depending on the severity of the injury. Now I’m not saying you should be sofa surfing all day everyday but time does need to be put aside just for rest. This is when your body will be able to recover and get you back to full health as quick as possible. Having an injury may be your body’s way of saying you need a break so listen to it. This includes sleep. I know it is easier said than done but staying awake late into the night worrying and mulling over the injury will not help you mentally or physically. Sleep is when your body will repair and recover the most effectively so it is vital.


Injury doesn’t mean you have to throw that your goals go out the window. If you were working towards mass building or strength then you could possibly start working and focusing on other components such as flexibility and balance. Providing your doctor hasn’t warned you off then why not? Making new goals also doesn’t have to be gym orientated!
Stretching has a lot of benefits for your body as well as preventing further injury in the future.
The other benefits of stretching is that it also can help improve range of motion through the joints, improve physical performance when you are back to full health and also help your muscles work more effectively. Another way you could adjust your goals is to focus on other areas of the body. For me personally I suffered with a rotator cuff injury in the past and although it was a pain it allowed me to focus on other areas such as my legs and my core.


Mental health is sometimes something that can be forgotten about, brushed aside and not always dealt with, especially when it comes to physical health issues. Being injured can have a massive impact on this. Down, anxious, frustrated, angry, upset are all normal emotions when it comes to not being able to do something you love. Even more so when the thing you love be it sport or exercising in the gym is something which releases endorphins and is proven to help with depression and anxiety. However it isn’t all doom and gloom and there are things you can do to help you cope with these emotions.

Being around your friends and family who support you can massively help. They can take your mind off things and help you have fun and enjoy yourself again instead of having your thoughts revolve around this injury. Keeping positive energies around you will keep your spirits up in turn.

Something else you can do is get pen to paper! Either start writing out the positive things in your life or get your crappy thoughts out. Writing them down can make the positives real for you, help re-motivate you and get you to look at the bigger picture or the flip side getting the bad out can clear your mind.
These are 5 things that can definitely help you through the injury process and before you know it you’ll be back to full health and training just as you were pre-injury. Just because you are no longer injured doesn’t mean you should just stop everything you were doing to help yourself. Keep going with them as they are all positive things that will benefit your life whether you are injured or not.