Keeping Fit and Festive at the same time💪🏽🎅

So the festive season is fast approaching and we all know how hard it is to keep to a strict fitness regime.

It’s inevitable it will take a back seat but you can still enjoy yourself while staying fit and healthy. As soon as December hits, if not before, every weekend is taken up with indulging and most likely lots of drinking but that doesn’t mean you have to stop working towards your dream body!
If you try and follow some of my tips below, the fat gain and loss of muscle tone won’t be nearly as bad as first predicted.


This time of year is always very busy as we all prepare for Christmas so shortening your workouts and making it just that little bit more intense can really go a long way! You won’t be spending hours in the gym and a lot of workouts can be done at home if you really can’t brave the cold weather to getting to the gym in the first place.


Prepping your meals should be done anyway as it is a major help when it comes to sticking to a healthy nutritional regime. It stops you from reaching for the quick fixes or ordering endless takeaways and this is no different at this time of the year. If you’ve been doing it all year round anyway then the routine you have should be easy to continue with.
If you are’t a religious food prepper then why not start? It doesn’t have to be all your meals, 7 days a week but even having two meals a day prepped is a start. If you don’t have problems with the majority of your food but one meal always lets you done (and I often hear it’s the last meal of the day) then prep that one! No excuses that way!
This way you will feel less guilty when it comes to the weekend and you can then enjoy yourself.


We all know how much of a pain it can be to set out on your first outing for Christmas presents and all the car parks are near enough full and you find yourself driving round looking for a space for a lot longer than you should be. Well how about parking a little further away and walking in? A simple but great way to burn those extra calories and even better walking back when hopefully you have lots of presents to take with you!


No I don’t mean get down the pub and drink as much beer and mulled wine as possible. I mean water! Keeping yourself hydrated will help you massively. A lot of the time when you think you are hungry or have cravings it’s simply just thirst. Sipping at your water bottle first to see if that helps rather than reaching for the nearest mince pie can make all the difference and help you gauge how hungry you actually are. Increasing your water levels can also boost your energy, spike your metabolism and stop you from drinking other things throughout the day such as coffee or energy drinks.
When it comes to social drinking it should always be done in moderation and that’s no different this time of the year. Enjoy yourself but try not to let yourself get to the level where you can no longer walk or talk, always stay safe!


This may be the perfect time of year to get yourself a partner to train with. You will then have somebody who will help keep you motivated and talk you round when you don’t feel like training! You can set days and times together and knowing that you have someone there with you going through it all makes it all that little bit easier. On those days where you just don’t want to leave the comfort and warmth of your home another person may give you the kick up the bum you need.


So there we go! Try and follow these five festive friendly tips and hopefully the damage control at the end of the month won’t be as bad as what you expected.
But if all else fails and you completely fall off the wagon this Christmas then it’s not all lost! Get back to it at the start of next year and use it as a fresh start.

If you really struggle to stick to it and get motivated then a personal trainer might be ideal for you as you will have a specialised plan just for you, the motivational push you need and someone right by your side when you feel a little overwhelmed at how busy the gym can be at that time of year.

If you do feel like that push in the New Year is what you need then don’t hesitate to get in touch! 
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Good luck and hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!


Injured? Isn’t it a pain!!

A lot of people feel that when they are injured and can’t train or get to the gym that all their progress will be lost. Well this doesn’t have to be the case. There are many things you can do to keep yourself feeling good and in shape.
So if you are feeling a bit down and rubbish about the fact that you are injured you may turn to food for comfort(believe me I’ve been there!). I’m not saying don’t do this as sometimes you need it but don’t let a bad meal or day of eating turn into a week and definitely don’t let it become the norm for the period you are injured. In this situation eating the right foods will be so important to keeping you on track. You will have to adjust your daily intake as you aren’t training anymore which means you wont be expending as much energy/calories, which means you wont have to take as much in. This doesn’t mean starve yourself!


Providing you haven’t got an injury that prevents you from physically walking then this is great way to help maintain your fitness levels, keep your heart healthy and keep you sane! When injured it may feel like you’re limited to a lot of indoor activities so getting out in the fresh air can help you work through your thoughts and the mental struggles when it comes to a physical injury. An alternative to walking is SWIMMING. Great for injury rehab and for your fitness levels.


Your initial instinct when injured may be to just push through and mask the pain with painkillers and just carry on with your normal training routine, depending on the severity of the injury. Now I’m not saying you should be sofa surfing all day everyday but time does need to be put aside just for rest. This is when your body will be able to recover and get you back to full health as quick as possible. Having an injury may be your body’s way of saying you need a break so listen to it. This includes sleep. I know it is easier said than done but staying awake late into the night worrying and mulling over the injury will not help you mentally or physically. Sleep is when your body will repair and recover the most effectively so it is vital.


Injury doesn’t mean you have to throw that your goals go out the window. If you were working towards mass building or strength then you could possibly start working and focusing on other components such as flexibility and balance. Providing your doctor hasn’t warned you off then why not? Making new goals also doesn’t have to be gym orientated!
Stretching has a lot of benefits for your body as well as preventing further injury in the future.
The other benefits of stretching is that it also can help improve range of motion through the joints, improve physical performance when you are back to full health and also help your muscles work more effectively. Another way you could adjust your goals is to focus on other areas of the body. For me personally I suffered with a rotator cuff injury in the past and although it was a pain it allowed me to focus on other areas such as my legs and my core.


Mental health is sometimes something that can be forgotten about, brushed aside and not always dealt with, especially when it comes to physical health issues. Being injured can have a massive impact on this. Down, anxious, frustrated, angry, upset are all normal emotions when it comes to not being able to do something you love. Even more so when the thing you love be it sport or exercising in the gym is something which releases endorphins and is proven to help with depression and anxiety. However it isn’t all doom and gloom and there are things you can do to help you cope with these emotions.

Being around your friends and family who support you can massively help. They can take your mind off things and help you have fun and enjoy yourself again instead of having your thoughts revolve around this injury. Keeping positive energies around you will keep your spirits up in turn.

Something else you can do is get pen to paper! Either start writing out the positive things in your life or get your crappy thoughts out. Writing them down can make the positives real for you, help re-motivate you and get you to look at the bigger picture or the flip side getting the bad out can clear your mind.
These are 5 things that can definitely help you through the injury process and before you know it you’ll be back to full health and training just as you were pre-injury. Just because you are no longer injured doesn’t mean you should just stop everything you were doing to help yourself. Keep going with them as they are all positive things that will benefit your life whether you are injured or not.


Trouble sticking to a good routine?

Are you finding that you stick to a good gym routine for a couple of weeks and then fall off the wagon for a couple of weeks and keep going in this cycle without making progress?
If you are then don’t worry, you aren’t alone! This happens a lot and most people don’t know what to do to keep themselves motivated to keep going. The lack of consistency might be the only reason that you aren’t seeing long term results and if that’s the case you definitely want to be able to change that 🙂

Here are a few things that you can do or tweak to stop this from happening in the future!

So first thing to think about is ‘are you enjoying your time in the gym and the actual workouts?’ Now you may think straight away ‘yeah of course I am’. But have a think, do you like the actual workout or the feeling of satisfaction from completing the workout? If it’s the latter then all you might need to do to keep consistent is make the actual workouts fun!! Mixing it up and not sticking to the same tedious routine everyday could go a long way! No one likes boring and if it’s early into your regime you may be repeating yourself for very little progress(at this stage) and it might just not seem worth it. You could feel deflated and disappointed but this can be changed!

Do you train by yourself? Working out by yourself can have its benefits and it’s drawbacks, as can having a partner but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! 🙂 When you are by yourself you may feel nervous and unsure about what your next exercise is, are you doing it right, is anyone looking and all this can make you very conscious of the people around you. Having that friend there to distract you or even go through that similar feeling with you could be just what you need to give you that little nudge to move out of your comfort zone. You are in this together and are able to motivate each other. Also knowing someone else is relying on you to get your bum to the gym so you can both workout together is also a good motivator. Sometimes the hardest part can be getting there!

Now, ask yourself have you given yourself too much too soon? Unrealistic goals and expectations can make you feel overwhelmed and under pressure to achieve them and quick! You need to remember this process takes time and small consistent progress over a longer period is definitely better than short bursts that don’t last long and leave you constantly starting back at square 1! Too much too soon can also apply to your food habits. If you’re expecting yourself to go from an unhealthy lifestyle to eating clean 100% of the time overnight, then eventually you will revert back as it is just too big of a jump for most. Keep your goals realistic, manageable and don’t be too hard on yourself!

So finally…I would say if you can’t get past that 2 week mark a personal trainer can definitely help with that! You will be pushed further, you will have that partner there with you and a workout buddy if you wanted and each session will be different and fun, keeping you interested and motivated! It’s an investment in yourself at the end of the day and that is always a great thing!

The 2 week mark may not actually be 2 weeks but it could just be a short period of being able to stick to a good gym routine and then losing motivation and stopping. If you do find yourself going through stages of stop start then I’d definitely try one or more of these tips!


5 tips to help with your sleep!😀

So here they are!! 5 tips that personally help me sleep so hopefully they can help you too!😀

So you all probably know this but the light from our technological devices is not going to help with you sleep. The light omitted from our phones, TV’s, laptops etc is not natural light. The blue light that they give out affects the sleep inducing hormone, melatonin.
Ideally you want to avoid these for at least an hour before you plan to sleep but I understand in this day and age it is difficult! If you absolutely can’t avoid the blue light then maybe try lowering the brightness levels or activating a night mode function that a lot of devices now have.

This is pretty simple, avoid caffeine before bed. I personally would say 2/3 hours before you plan to sleep, however this can differ person to person so if you try this and aren’t seeing a change increase the time between your last caffeine dose and bedtime.

Before bed make a to do list for the next day or write down anything that is on your mind. Even if it doesn’t make sense once on paper just getting it out of your head on to paper can help your mind relax before bed. A lot of us get into bed and our minds start going a million miles an hour preventing sleep so this is a way to help stop that.

Mindfulness is a meditation technique usually used for stress but can also aid sleep. It is all about bringing your mind back to the present and focusing on the now e.g. bring your full attention to your breathing. Deep breaths and how your body feels as the air flows in and out of your body.
You can also focus on other physical sensations like how the sheets feel, what you can see, smell and taste. This does take a lot of practice as your mind can easily wonder and take you back to the stressful thoughts keeping you awake but with practice it can be mastered.

Exercise can help you sleep as long as it’s done at the right time! Leaving exercise too late is known to give you an energy boost and that’s not what you need just before bed! Also your body temperature may be too high for your body to be able to relax and fall asleep and an intense exercise can raise cortisol levels(stress hormone) stimulating brain activity which isn’t the best environment for sleep.

However this again can depend on the person, this theory does apply to most people but there are a few that will benefit from working out close to when they plan to sleep. Bottom line is timing exercise right for you can greatly aid your sleep so experiment and see which one works best!

These aren’t the only things you can do, but for me personally they are the things that best help me. If you do try these methods and are still struggle feel free to get in touch for more advice or get in touch with a doctor who can also advise👍


Catching those Zzzz’s

Hi everyone!😀

So I’ve always known how important sleep is for progress at the gym but I’ve realised from working within a gym and with clients that a lot of people don’t. Sleep is when you’re body goes into recovery and growth mode so of course it’s important! When you don’t have enough it can impact you a lot as your muscles haven’t got the adequate rest they need to recover from the strenuous exercise and they aren’t able to grow back stronger and bigger after tearing muscle fibres during exercise.

Lack of sleep can also affect the hormone balance in your brain which can lead you to falter nutrition wise and you could end up going for the quick fixes that are high in refined sugar which could lead to an unwanted crash. The appetite hormones will be altered so you’ll be more likely to feel hungry and less likely to feel full. The lack of sleep will also cause raised glucose levels which in the long term can lead to diabetes, which obviously you want to avoid!

Cognitive function is also drastically reduced. It can cause memory problems, irritability, anger, reduced focus and lessen your ability to cope with stress which long term can lead to more serious mental health issues.

I could go in a lot deeper into the issues that can arise from sleep deprivation and the science behind it but the bottom line is you need your sleep! If however you are interested for more information feel free to get in touch.

The next post will be some tips on how to improve your sleep! Try them out and you’ll see the positive effects!


Starting off😀

Soooooo thought I’d start this blog to try and help anyone who’s interested in health and fitness. General tips and things you can do to improve the quality of your life! You can also follow my own fitness journey as a personal trainer.

As PT’s we’re expected to have everything perfect from the amount of times a week we train to the food we eat! To be honest it’s not always like that. Yes I do put a lot of effort into my training and I am careful with what I eat but I am still human! I do, like the rest of you need those naughty treats or I skip a session just so I can do nothing.

You will see that we all have slip ups but the main thing is getting back to it. Don’t let a bad day, week or month turn into a bad few months!

Keep up to date for tips and info on how to keep on track, what to do when you do slip up, workout routines, food ideas and just to see that we as personal trainers are human aswell! 🙂