Catching those Zzzz’s

Hi everyone!😀

So I’ve always known how important sleep is for progress at the gym but I’ve realised from working within a gym and with clients that a lot of people don’t. Sleep is when you’re body goes into recovery and growth mode so of course it’s important! When you don’t have enough it can impact you a lot as your muscles haven’t got the adequate rest they need to recover from the strenuous exercise and they aren’t able to grow back stronger and bigger after tearing muscle fibres during exercise.

Lack of sleep can also affect the hormone balance in your brain which can lead you to falter nutrition wise and you could end up going for the quick fixes that are high in refined sugar which could lead to an unwanted crash. The appetite hormones will be altered so you’ll be more likely to feel hungry and less likely to feel full. The lack of sleep will also cause raised glucose levels which in the long term can lead to diabetes, which obviously you want to avoid!

Cognitive function is also drastically reduced. It can cause memory problems, irritability, anger, reduced focus and lessen your ability to cope with stress which long term can lead to more serious mental health issues.

I could go in a lot deeper into the issues that can arise from sleep deprivation and the science behind it but the bottom line is you need your sleep! If however you are interested for more information feel free to get in touch.

The next post will be some tips on how to improve your sleep! Try them out and you’ll see the positive effects!